Pedestrian Injury Compensation

Walking on the busy streets of NYC can be hazardous, and pedestrian injuries are not uncommon. Luckily, New York laws require automobile owners to carry liability insurance, and when you are injured as a pedestrian, the insurance company must pay.

Common injury scenarios include being struck by a car while crossing the street, being struck while on the sidewalk, or even being hit by a bicycle.

If you are injured by a moving vehicle as a pedestrian, you are entitled to compensation for expenses, including medical bills related to the accident, damages from pain and suffering, lost wages or income if unable to work, emotional distress, and even compensation for the wrongful death of a loved one.

Passenger injury claims after a car accident

However, your personal injury lawsuit can take weeks or even months to settle. Meanwhile, you have bills to pay and a family to care for. If you are out of work due to injury, you need cash now to pay for your living expenses while you wait for your case to be resolved.

Cronus is always ready to help you with a cash advance to pay urgent and monthly bills, and cover other expenses. Waiting for your pedestrian injury case to be settled is already emotionally taxing. We are here to take off additional financial pressure.

What is a pedestrian accident?


When a person traveling by foot on a road or walkway is struck by a moving vehicle, including car, truck, bicycle, scooter or golf cart, it is a pedestrian accident.


What are the main causes of pedestrian accidents?


Causes include violating traffic laws, failure to yield the right of way, distracted driving, crossing against the light, not using a crosswalk and more.


What happens if a pedestrian causes an accident?


In New York, the driver of the vehicle or their insurance company has to pay no-fault benefits for the pedestrian’s care, even if the pedestrian was at fault.


What happens if you accidentally hit and kill a pedestrian?


If you were driving while intoxicated, the penalties can be severe. You may do jail time, and your insurance company will have to pay damages to the victim’s family.


What is the most common reason for accidents involving pedestrians?


One of the most common reasons is distracted driving, where the driver is texting, talking on the phone, eating, checking a GPS or other distracting activities.


What happens when someone gets hit by a car?


Depending on the circumstances, an injured pedestrian should seek medical attention immediately. If there are medical issues, you should find a personal injury lawyer.


Where do pedestrians get hit the most?


Pedestrian accidents occur most often in large populated urban cities. Children and older adults are at the highest risk of death from a pedestrian accident.


How do I avoid hitting pedestrians?


Even careful drivers can hit a pedestrian. Obey traffic laws, pay attention to your surroundings, and slow down in congested traffic. Do not drive while intoxicated.

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