Medical Malpractice Lawsuit Loans

When seeking medical attention, you naturally trust health care providers to safeguard your health and relieve your pain. Sadly, the health care system often fails to live up to its responsibilities. Some providers are simply unable to help you, while the negligence of others aggravates your suffering. Botched surgeries and inappropriate treatments can lead to disability or death, causing tragedy and hardship for your entire family. 

Patients often spend hoards of money trying to rectify the consequences of medical malpractice. In many cases the damage is irreversible, interfering with walking, eating, sleeping or breathing. Expensive medical equipment and in-home care are often needed to simplify the victim’s everyday life. Malpractice victims also suffer mental and emotional damage brought on by a dramatic change in lifestyle. 

Patients injured by medical malpractice often file lawsuits to get compensation for their pain and suffering and to pay for ongoing medical care. However, the inefficiency of the US legal system makes litigation a long, drawn-out process. It can take an eternity to win a settlement for your injuries. Meanwhile, your health is at stake, and you cannot wait forever to get the care you need. You also need money to hire a knowledgeable attorney to advocate for you in court. 

Cronus Capital Group provides interest-free medical loans in NYC. We work with personal injury victims every day, and we understand your suffering. We are here to support you while you wait for your case to resolve in a fair and the most favorable way. 

We mainly support plaintiffs suffering from the following medical problems:

  • failure to prescribe proper diagnostics;
  • incorrect diagnosis;
  • mistreatment;
  • nursing neglect and abuse;
  • medical negligence;
  • unidentified symptoms;
  • not taking into account details from a patient history;
  • ignoring laboratory results or using them improperly;
  • infection during surgery;
  • premature discharge;
  • wrong prescription or dosage of medicine;
  • implantation of medical tools during surgery;
  • unnecessary surgery;
  • poor choice of medical equipment;
  • injuries resulting from poor surgical practices;
  • insufficient follow-up or aftercare;
  • childbirth injuries;
  • anesthesia errors.

If you experienced another type of medical malpractice, we invite you to contact our consultants to see if your case is within our specialization. 


Pre-Settlement Funding as Your Best Solution

Hospital administrators are aware that even the most experienced and knowledgeable health care providers sometimes make mistakes. Stress, fatigue and other human factors can result in a serious lapse in judgment or a reckless error that ruins a patient’s life.  

Knowing the risk of medical mistakes, hospitals hire skilled attorneys and pay high insurance premiums to protect themselves against malpractice lawsuits. They will do everything they can to avoid responsibility, preserve their reputation and minimize payouts for legal settlements. Plaintiffs seeking medical negligence lawsuit settlements need the very best legal representation, and they must be patient while the legal process runs its course. 

Health problems and a lengthy litigation period can take their toll, causing financial hardship for injured patients and their families. Eager to take advantage of your desperate situation, the defendant’s lawyer and insurance company may offer you to settle for worse compensation than you deserve.

An interest-free cash advance from Cronus Capital Group can help meet your financial needs today, so you can wait calmly until your legal representative knocks out a better settlement. A risk-free cash advance can be used to cover your monthly expenses so you can relax and heal while your attorney works on getting you the largest possible compensation. 


Legal Funding from Cronus Capital Group

The team of legal specialists at Cronus Capital Group is dedicated to easing your financial burden by providing medical malpractice lawsuit loans in NYC. We are well aware of the hardship you are experiencing due to medical malpractice, and we are here to offer you support, with friendly customer service and an elementary application guidelines:

  • Once your request is approved, your cash is provided within 24-48 hours. 
  • We do not verify your credit details, workplace, income level, or assets. We simply review the details of your case to see if you are eligible. 
  • You don’t have to repay your loan unless your lawyer wins your case, which makes our services absolutely risk-free.
  • We charge no monthly interest and have no hidden fees. 
  • We offer affordable rates and transparent terms, unlike some of our competitors. 

Apply for legal funding today to eliminate your financial problems and simplify your life. Give us a call at 1-516-268-7299, or fill out our short application questionnaire. Be sure to provide your attorney’s contact information so we can contact them for details about your case. We will quickly review your request and provide the sum you need now to feel safe while your litigation is in progress.


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