Why do you need a medical malpractice pre-settlement loan?

Your personal health is the most important thing in your life. An unexpected disease or injury can exhaust your resources, make you depressed, and destroy your plans for a  bright future. When you place your health in the care of doctors and hospitals, you trust that you will be in good hands, and will emerge from your medical procedure with the best possible outcome.

Unfortunately, not all medical providers are proficient and conscientious. Some of them promise fast relief from pain, but in the end they only complicate your situation, bringing costly and devastating problems into your life. Unsuccessful surgeries, wrongly prescribed medications, insufficient anesthesia, and several other harmful issues are frequently the harsh realities of modern medicine, and no one is immune to them.

What should you do if you are harmed by an irresponsible doctor? Should you accept your cruel fate and resign yourself to newly inflicted hardships? Of course not. An incompetent health care provider should pay for their mistakes and your sufferings, and thier failure to comply with the highest medical standards.

If a health care clinic or provider has a powerful insurance company, getting a fair settlement can be a challenge. The offender’s legal team will likely offer you a small sum, claiming it is your last chance to get at least some compensation for your injuries. To combat big insurance companies and their lawyers, you need the support of a professional attorney.

But do not expect you lawyer to perform miracles. Even with a good legal expert handling your case, court investigations can be lengthy and tedious. However, by holding out for the highest settlement, you will get full compensation for your pain, medical bills, physical therapy, and potential disability.

What if you cannot wait for your case to settle?

In addition to legal bills, medical malpractice victims spend enormous amounts of money on healthcare services. Medical bills can reach thousands of dollars, and some clinics refuse to treat patients until all previous procedures are paid for. Meanwhile, your injuries and illness can keep you from working, leaving your unable to cover all your expenses.

A medical malpractice pre-settlement loan can be an extremely helpful solution to your financial woes. No matter how long the legal process takes, a pre-settlement loan can tide you over, enabling you to get high-quality medical treatment while your lawyer fights for you in court, collects evidence, gathers necessary resources, conducts comprehensive research, and communicates with all involved parties.

How do medical malpractice lawsuit loans work?

People often confuse the term “lawsuit loan” with a regular bank loan, but the two are not the same.

Cronus Capital Group provides cash for medical malpractice lawsuits to help you meet your financial obligations while you recover from a medical malpractice incident, so you can get the settlement amount you deserve. Unlike banks, we do not charge monthly interest fees. There are no monthly payments, and you only pay your loan back after your case is settled. You bear no risks and owe us nothing if your lawyer loses the case.

Here is how to get a malpractice cash advance:

  1. You provide basic information about your case.
  2. We get relevant documentation from your attorney.
  3. Cronus Capital Group approves or denies your request.
  4. If our application is approved, you sign a financial agreement and get your cash within 24 hours.

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