Personal Injury Lawyer

Many people assume that if they are fully insured by an auto policy, workman’s comp, personal health insurance or other types of insurance, they will be fully covered and compensated in the event of an accident or injury. After all, you pay your premiums month after month, and have every right to expect complete coverage.

Sadly, that is not always how insurance works. In essence, insurance companies are like any other business: Their goal is to maximize profits and limit liabilities, meaning they will charge you the highest rates they can, while paying out the lowest benefits they can get away with.

Sometimes, you need a lawyer to get the benefits you need and deserve after a personal injury incident.

When You Need a Lawyer to Work With Your Case

There are a number of situations where having a legal expert on your side to negotiate a fair personal injury insurance settlement is a good idea:

  • You Suffered Long-Term or Permanently Disabling Injuries: If your injuries are disabling to the point that you require long-term care and cannot continue to perform your job, you should hire a personal injury lawyer right away. An experienced lawyer can calculate how much your injuries are worth, and how your injuries will impact your ability to earn a living over time. A skilled personal injury attorney will pursue all available forms of compensation for your injuries and other potential losses.
  • You Sustained Severe Injuries: The amount of compensation you receive is mostly determined by the severity of your injuries, which in turn is often measured by the total  amount of your medical bills, the type of injuries, and the length of your recovery period. As the amount of potential compensation increases, the range of compensation becomes wider. A lawyer can help make sure you receive compensation at the highest end of the compensation range.
  • Your Injuries Resulted from Medical Malpractice: If your injury resulted from careless, unprofessional, or incompetent medical treatment, your case can become complicated. You need a lawyer experienced in medial malpractice cases to sort it all out, and get you the compensation you deserve.
  • When Multiple Parties are Involved and Liability is Unclear: An accident involving multiple parties can be very complicated. Several people may have been injured, and you may also be the subject of insurance claims from other injured people, which can decrease your settlement offer. You should definitely consult an attorney if you may be partially at fault, to be protected from counterclaims and cross-claims by other parties.
  • When the Insurance Company Refuses to Pay or Engages in Bad Faith: In some cases, the insurance company of the at-fault party may refuse to offer a fair settlement. In such a case, you may need a lawyer to negotiate with the insurance company to get a fair settlement.

How to Find a Personal Injury Attorney

Hiring a personal injury lawyer can make the difference between being able to pay your medical bills and other expenses, or running out of funds before you recover and are able to return to work. Your lawyer will negotiate on your behalf with the at-fault party’s insurance company, and possibly even in court if it becomes necessary to file a personal injury lawsuit. Make sure your lawyer is someone you feel you can trust, and with whom you feel comfortable.

If you have been injured in an accident and need a lawyer, Cronus can help. We can provide you with a reputable and trustworthy legal expert who will negotiate on your behalf to get the largest settlement possible for your personal injury case.