Personal Injury Settlement Loans

Cronus is a team of legal professionals dedicated to helping you navigate the lawsuit process without suffering undue financial stress. Recovering from injury is difficult enough without having to worry about providing for yourself and your loved ones. We can design a financial solution based on your specific needs, and provide you with a fast cash advance to tide you over until other resources become available.

Settling a lawsuit can take months or even years. Meanwhile, you still have responsibilities, such as paying bills and taking care for your family. If you are unable to work during your lawsuit, you have to find another way to keep up with your expenses. The Cronus Legal Funding team provides personal injury victims with financial help. You can fully concentrate on your case and not panic about covering medical bills, mortgage and various monthly expenses using a cash advance from Cronus.

Pre-settlement funding for slip and fall injury lawsuits

As experienced professionals in personal injury litigation,  Cronus provides quick approval at competitive rates.  

Contact us today and let us help you get back on your feet!

Slip and Fall
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