Liability litigation can be a  drawn-out and stressful process Even if your case is fairly straightforward and you are clearly an innocent victim, collecting the necessary documentation, submitting it to the court attending court hearings, and waiting for a satisfactory outcome can be demanding and time-consuming.

At the same time, you have to focus on recovering from your injuries and finding transportation. Financial difficulties may begin to mount if you are unable to work, or if you lost your job due to accident-related health problems. You need money now to cover your medical and everyday expenses. 

At Cronus Capital Group, we understand the pain that personal injury victims experience, and we do our best to simplify their lives.  We are a premier provider of pre-settlement loans for motorcycle accidents in NYC. 


Demand for Motorcycle Pre-Settlement Funding

Motorcycle cash advances are in even more demand than auto accident loans. A motorcycle is more exposed in traffic than a closed vehicle, and the rider has less protection.  In addition, a two-wheeled motorcycle is less stable than a car, making it more vulnerable in a collision. Consequently, motorcycle accidents have a higher incidence of serious injuries and deaths. 

Some factors put the cyclist at fault:

  • Riding while intoxicated with alcohol or drugs. 
  • The lack of experience operating a motorcycle. 
  • Exceeding the speed limit. 
  • Using a mobile phone while driving. 

While the cyclist is sometimes at fault,  many riders are injured by negligent drivers, or due to poor road conditions : 

  • Sometimes drivers don’t see motorcycles because of their smaller size.  
  • Potholes, uneven road surfaces or wet conditions can cause a motorcycle to veer off-course, sending it skidding into traffic or into a ditch. 

The Cronus legal team provides financial relief for innocent personal injury victims in NYC and beyond. We understand how important it is to get financial support immediately after an accident. More severe injuries mean higher medical expenses, so motorcycle accident loans are often more urgently needed than car accident loans. We are happy to step in and lend a helping hand at your moment of need,  so you can heal and begin to rebuild your life. 


Legal Cash Advance as the Best Solution to Your Financial Hardships

If you have been injured on the road by another driver or because of poorly maintained roads,  you are entitled to compensation from the guilty party. Once you seek medical attention, your next step should be to hire an attorney and file a lawsuit.  However, even if you hire the most skilled and knowledgeable attorney, it will take time to get your settlement. The litigation process often takes months, and your opponent’s insurance company will try to negotiate a settlement out of court, drawing things out even longer.  

The insurance company may also try to take advantage of you,  offering you lower compensation than you deserve. If you are pressed for cash, the offer may be tempting, even though it will be a fraction of what the court may potentially award you. 

 A cash advance from Cronus Capital Group takes the pressure off, so you can hold out for the best settlement possible. Your attorney will have time to collect evidence and documentation, to make sure you are awarded the highest possible sum.  Meanwhile, you will have the money you need to meet your expenses and take care of your family. 

Our funding services are different from regular bank loans. We charge no monthly interest and you make no monthly payments. And the application process is much easier, with no credit check. If something goes wrong and your attorney loses your case, you are not obliged to repay your loan. We reserve a share in your future settlement. If you are not awarded a settlement, you owe us nothing. 


Our Application Process

We know you are shaken up and stressed by your accident, so we try to make your interaction with Cronus as easy and comfortable as possible.  Simply provide your attorney’s contact information. We will negotiate all the case-related details with them and request any necessary documentation. 

Just a few questions are usually enough to determine whether your case qualifies for pre-settlement funding, so we will not distract your lawyer from working on your case. You are not required to provide information about your workplace, income level or credit history. To approve your request, it is enough for us to know that you were injured and need help now. 


Contact Cronus

Applying for legal funding costs you nothing, and a lawsuit loan is risk-free. If you’re still undecided, here are some things to consider:

  • Cronus Capital Group is one of the best legal funding firms in the US, with thousands of satisfied clients and an impeccable track record. 
  • Fast and free application.
  • Simple qualification requirements. 
  • Cash advance within a day or two of your application. 
  • No monthly interest or payments
  • You owe us nothing if your attorney loses your case.
  • Flexibility. We serve clients from across the United States and have extensive experience with different personal injury cases. 
  • Inexpensive services, compared to other lawsuit lenders.

If you are ready to mitigate your financial burden, call us at 1-516-268-7299 and request a free consultation. Or you can apply in seconds by filling out the short form on our website. 

Our responsive legal specialists are happy to answer your questions and help you through the financial challenges you face after your accident. Cronus Capital Group is a lawsuit funding company you can rely on.


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