Even when a plaintiff wins a personal injury case, it is often too early to relax and celebrate. Your opponent can delay payments or appeal the case, prolonging the litigation process and delaying your settlement. 

Happily, you can get your compensation right away with post-settlement legal funding from Cronus Capital Group in NYC. This risk-free and prompt alternative to waiting for your case to settle helps personal injury victims rebuild their lives faster and cover their expenses. 

Take the time you need to recover from your injuries, get back on your feet, and forget about the stressful experience caused by your accident. The Cronus team cuts through red tape to give you hope and a chance to restore your happiness and wellbeing. 

How Does Settlement Funding Work?

US law allows third parties to finance personal injury lawsuits against a share of the plaintiff’s compensation award. 

An important distinction from a regular bank loan is that a settlement cash advance does not have to be repaid if you lose your case. To succeed in this niche, legal firms must meticulously analyze all incoming applications and accurately determine the applicant’s chances of winning in court. 

While forwarding money exposes legal companies to risk, it is highly beneficial for their clients. Nobody controls how you spend your cash advance. You are free to use it to pay monthly bills, buy groceries, pay your rent or mortgage, make credit card payments or pay for school tuition and fees. You may also decide to use it to pay medical bills or cover legal expenses. 

You have already suffered enough from your injuries and the stress they created in your life. The Cronus legal team puts a stop to your suffering by relieving your financial hardships.

Application Process

Requesting your cash advance is simple. Just contact our specialists and provide your case details. Then connect us with your lawyer to work out the specifics, while you focus on healing from your injuries.  

A cash advance application is absolutely free of charge. There are no up-front costs or monthly payments. We reserve a share of your settlement, and we get paid only if you win your case. You don’t spend a single dollar until your lawsuit is resolved in court. 

Post-settlement loans are provided to clients who already have a court verdict but are still waiting to receive their money. If your litigation is in progress, you can opt for pre lawsuit settlement funding. Both services are available at Cronus. 

Why Choose Cronus Capital Group?

There are many lawsuit funding companies in NYC, offering a broad range of fees and customer services. There are several key reasons to choose Cronus:

  • Promptness. Once your application is received, we thoroughly study it, decide if you are eligible, and provide your cash advance within a day or two.
  • Rich experience and wide specialization. We have an impressive background with a variety of personal injury cases. We understand the ins and outs of negligence litigation, and we can accurately estimate the most reasonable amounts for pre- and post-settlement loans. 
  • Transparency. There are no hidden fees or monthly interest. No payments are made until your case is settled.
  • Simple qualification criteria. No workplace inquiries or credit checks. 
  • Trust. We do not control the way you spend your loan. 
  • Risk-free funding. You do not have to pay us back if your lawyer loses your case.
  • Responsiveness. Our legal specialists are always ready to answer your questions and address your concerns.

Call us at 516-268-7299 to get a comprehensive consultation, and find out whether your case qualifies for post-settlement funding. Or fill out the convenient form on our website. 

Stop struggling from injury-related financial hardships. Let Cronus Capital Group ease your financial burdens so you can get on with your life. 


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