Automobile Accident? What to Do

If you are involved in an automobile accident, you may be entitled to compensation from an insurance company. However, to ensure you receive enough money to cover all your expenses and compensate for injuries, it is important to carefully follow some simple guidelines at the scene of the accident.

What to Do at the Accident Scene

  1. Immediately seek medical attention
  2. Notify the police, and wait for them at the accident scene
  3. Comply with all instructions from police and rescue workers
  4. Get the license plate number, name, phone number, address and insurance information of the other party or parties involved
  5. If during your accident you are attacked by an animal, get the name, address and license information of the owner
  6. Get names, addresses and phone numbers of any witnesses
  7. Notify your insurance company of the accident
  8. Take pictures and video of the entire accident scene and surrounding area, any animal or product that caused injuries, pictures of your injuries at the scene and over the course of healing, and all property damage
  9. Keep records of all medical appointments and communications about missed work, and any other relevant documentation
  10. Contact an experienced and reputable auto accident attorney

What NOT to Do at the Accident Scene

  1. Do not move your vehicle from the scene unless it is creating a safety hazard
  2. Pay attention to your surroundings, to avoid traffic and other safety threats
  3. Wait at the scene of the accident for police to arrive and dismiss you
  4. Do not dispose of any clothing, car parts or other items that may serve as evidence
  5. Vacate a hazardous area (for example a fire or potential explosion) before calling 911
  6. Do not converse, argue or apologize about the accident with bystanders or other involved parties
  7. Do not accept a settlement agreement without the advice of your lawyer

Eliminate Financial Worries While You Wait for Your Settlement

Besides the obvious injuries caused by trauma in a car accident, a collision involves other harsh inconveniences, including loss of time, and often loss of money in the short run as you cover medical co-payments and arrange for alternative transportation. You may even have to quit working, either temporarily or permanently, meaning you will have to find some way to provide for your family’s daily expenses.

At Cronus, we understand the challenges posed by an unexpected crisis like an automobile accident. We also know that predatory insurance companies often take advantage of people faced by the financial challenges an accident can impose.

Settling an auto accident claim can take months or even years. We offer car accident legal funding to help tide you over while your case settles, giving you and your attorney time to fight for maximum compensation. The money will be repaid from your settlement amount, and if you fail to win your case, you owe us nothing.

Don’t let financial stress keep you from getting the money you need and deserve. Contact Cronus today, and let us fund your expenses so you can focus on healing and recovery.

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