Jobs in the construction industry are inherently dangerous, with high risks of injury for workers and a high rate of wrongful death. Working with heavy equipment, using dangerous power tools, lifting and moving heavy loads, and moving about on scaffolding several stories above the ground all pose serious hazards on a construction site. When construction accidents do occur, the resulting injuries are often severe, causing disability and loss of income for the victims.

Most construction site accidents require legal intervention, to ensure that the victims and their families receive adequate compensation to cover lost income, medical bills, and other ongoing expenses resulting from the accident. But litigation takes time. Pre-settlement lawsuit funding offers victims financial assistance while they wait for their claim to settle.

Health Hazards of Working in Construction

According to OSHA (Occupational Safety and Health Administration), 21% of all worker deaths in 2018 — one out of five — occurred in construction jobs.

On its government website, OSHA lists its “fatal four” causes of death among construction workers in 2018:

  • Falls (33.5%)
  • Trauma from falling objects (11%)
  • Electrocutions (8.5%)
  • Crushing from equipment or structural collapse (5.5%)

In 2018, the fatal four accounted for nearly 60% of construction site deaths. According to the CDC, nearly half of all construction site deaths happen in small businesses with less than 10 employees, or among workers who are self-employed.

Getting Compensation for Construction Site Accidents

If you sustained injuries from a construction accident, or if your loved one died on a construction site, you should consult with an attorney early on, to get a clear picture of your options for compensation. Find a personal injury lawyer with experience in the construction industry who knows the ins and outs of the business.

In most cases, construction workers qualify for workers compensation benefits. Workers comp is a no-fault program, meaning you do not have to prove that someone else was at fault for your injuries. The tradeoff is that you give up your right to bring charges in civil court against your employer. Whatever your lawyer is able to negotiate through workers comp determines the amount of compensation you will receive. Workers comp typically only covers full or partial disability, lost income and medical expenses.

Civil Lawsuits Outside of Workers Compensation

Workers comp provides limited compensation for construction injuries, but in some instances, you may be entitled to file a civil lawsuit against entities other than your employer. Every construction site is crawling with vendors, subcontractors, engineers, equipment operators and others who sometimes play a role in construction injuries. Equipment failures or malfunctions are often to blame for construction accidents.

If your injuries are caused by an individual or entity who is not your employer, your lawyer may suggest filing a civil claim against them. However, in civil cases, it is up to you to prove that someone was at fault.

To prove liability, the following three conditions must exist:

  • The other party had a responsibility to act in a safe and reasonable manner.
  • They failed to fulfill that responsibility, making them negligent.
  • Your injuries occurred as a direct result of their negligence.

In addition to compensating for your lost income, disability and medical bills, disability civil lawsuits often award additional money for pain and suffering, ongoing healthcare and punitive damages. In some cases, awards from a civil lawsuit can be substantially greater than your workers comp claim. A capable attorney can help you determine whether your situation merits filing a civil suit.

Legal Funding and Medical Loans

Whether you file a workers comp claim or pursue litigation in civil court, the negotiation and legal processes take time. In many cases, families of construction workers live paycheck to paycheck. They cannot afford to wait for lawyers to hammer out the details of their claim with government agencies and insurance companies.

Pre-settlement and post-settlement lawsuit funding provide financial assistance for injured workers and their families, to help you stay afloat while your lawyer works to get you a fair settlement award. You can use the money to pay medical bills, meet monthly expenses or take care of other needs that arise. You never make a monthly payment — we get paid directly from your settlement. If your case does not hold up in court, we absorb the loss, and you walk away debt-free.

Legal Funding in NYC

Cronus Capital Group serves injured victims and their families in Brooklyn, Queens, the Bronx and Manhattan. We offer cash advance funding for construction accident victims who have filed a case and are waiting for settlement. We also offer post-settlement funding, to bridge the gap between the award date and the day you actually receive your money.

Our experienced team will walk you through the application process and gather some information about your case. We usually approve qualified customers within 24 hours, and put much-needed cash in your hands without delay. Contact Cronus today, and take the pressure off your finances so you can focus on recovering from your construction site injuries.


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