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If you are in the midst of settling your lawsuit and need funding, it is tempting to go with a broker. Brokers often advertise on local television, or you may see their ads on the Internet. They promise to get you the cash you need now, to cover your living expenses until your case is settled.

While their ads may be compelling, once you contact them, the broker simply forwards your information to investors and companies who are in the lawsuit funding business in order to get you funded. In other words, a broker serves as a middleman between you and the lawsuit funding marketplace.

While it may appear that the broker is trying to get you the best deal, that may not be the case. A broker is in business to make money for themselves, and it usually comes out of your pocket. You may end up paying 10 to 20 percent of your settlement to the broker, on top of whatever fees and interest you pay to the lender. By the time your case settles, you may end up with little or nothing in your own pocket.

Moreover, when you use a broker, you have no way of knowing who your information is being shared with, and no idea whether the lender offering to forward you money is reputable. Your personal information, legal documents and medical records will be going out to strangers, and you have no control over who sees them and how they are used. There may also be hidden fees, and you will not know if your money will be forwarded in a timely manner.

A Better Solution

When you apply to Cronus for your settlement funding, all of the details are handled in-house. We will not share your personal information, medical records or details of your case with anyone but you and your attorney. You will know exactly who you are dealing with, and there will be no unexpected fees.

Our friendly staff will explain all the details and answer all your questions. You will work with the same funding specialist from application to the disbursement of your funds, and your privacy is guaranteed. All of your records and confidential information will be secure, and you can rest assured that only our in-house team will view your documents for approval.

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