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If you have been wrongfully injured, you are entitled to monetary compensation for medical expenses, lost wages, pain and suffering and damages to personal property. However, insurance companies are quick to try to settle with the lowest possible payment, when you may deserve a much larger settlement.

To get the largest settlement amount possible, there are several things you can do from the outset of your accident, to ensure you get enough money to cover your medical and personal expenses, now and in the future.

  1. Get documentation at the accident scene: If you are not too badly injured, take pictures and video of the accident scene, and get contact information and signed statements from witnesses. Get a copy of the police or incident report. If you are injured and in pain, ask for help in gathering documentation.
  2. Seek medical treatment: If you are injured, call 911 and get ambulance transport to the nearest ER or Urgent Care. Keep documentation of the ambulance transport for your case file, and request detailed reports of all emergency medical treatments you receive.
  3. Find the best personal injury attorney: A lawyer who specializes in personal injury cases will know how to get you the highest settlement, based on the details of your accident. Look for an attorney you feel comfortable with, who offers personalized attention and shows respect for you as a client.
  4. Be consistent in ongoing treatment: Be sure to attend all medical appointments, and show up for all physical therapy and other treatment sessions. Being diligent shows that you take your injuries seriously, and deserve to be compensated for them.
  5. Plan for the long haul: Getting the maximum settlement can take months, sometimes even years. If you are out of work because of your accident, lawsuit funding may offer the best solution to keep you afloat financially while you wait for your case to settle.

Legal Funding from Cronus

Holding out for the largest possible settlement can be a long waiting game. Meanwhile, you need money now to pay your monthly bills and cover medical expenses. Cronus can help tide you over while you wait for your case to settle with a settlement cash advance loan. Don’t let the insurance company pressure you into settling for a low offer. Contact Cronus today, so you can pay your bills today while you wait for the settlement money you deserve.

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