Most people have some experience with taking prescription drugs, either short term or on an ongoing basis. Most of the time the meds are relatively harmless, but sometimes they come with serious side effects that can cause permanent damage to your body’s systems. Pharmaceutical companies make billions of dollars each year on prescription meds, and their interests lie more in making money for their shareholders than in improving the health of the public.

Victims of bad drugs can file a personal injury lawsuit or join a class action lawsuit filed by a group of plaintiffs who were harmed by an unscrupulous drug manufacturer or healthcare provider. Money from the legal settlement can be spent to recover from physical and emotional damage, and maintain a comfortable standard while you recover from your medical injury.

When to File a Prescription Medication Lawsuit


The following circumstances constitute a basis for bad drug lawsuits:

Improper Instructions or Lack of Information on Side Effects

Patients deserve to be informed about the potential negative side effects of medications. By failing to provide information about side effects, dosages and other vital information, clinicians, sales representatives and drug manufacturers can be held liable for drug-related injuries.
There should be no guesswork involved when a patient’s health is at stake. Manufacturers must do their best to provide well-tested quality products and ensure that their instructions are clear and not ambiguous.
Some drugs available in US pharmacies are marked for “off-label” use. Sales representatives take advantage of this vague wording to sell products to people who cannot benefit from them. At best, these medications bring no effect and are a waste of money. At worst, they cause serious side effects.

Drug Design Defects

Some drugs are designed to treat a single condition, without taking into account the complexities of the human body. While treating the symptoms of a metabolic disease, they can negatively impact other systems. Even if medications are approved by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA), they can still cause life-threatening side effects.
It is a manufacturer’s responsibility to ensure that the negative consequences of taking a drug do not outweigh the benefits. Thorough testing must follow the design process. Truthful information on potential health risks must be communicated to the FDA. Also, it is important to anticipate interactions with other medications. If significant side effects are found, a pharmaceutical company must consider safer alternatives. Sadly, some drugs are allowed on the market without adequate testing, and many patients suffer before the meds are prohibited by the FDA.

Manufacturing Defects

Sometimes things go wrong in the manufacturing or shipping of drugs:

  • unreliable packaging
  • spillage and mixing with other medications
  • moisture or improper warehousing temperature
  • incorrectly labeled dosages
  • issues with production technology

If any of these defects causes harm to the end-user, the injured party has a right to seek compensation from the manufacturer.

Pre Settlement Lawsuit Funding: Medical Loans for Bad Drug Lawsuits


Like other personal injury cases, bad drug lawsuits can take months to settle. At the same time, patients whose health is endangered need their money right away to cover medical bills. The longer you wait, the more challenging it becomes to recover from the negative side effects of a poor quality drug.

Large pharmaceutical companies and clinics have well-paid attorneys and costly insurance policies to fight against malpractice claims. They will do everything possible to retain their reputations and mitigate the damages to their bank accounts. The defendant’s insurance company may offer you a lowball settlement that covers only a fraction of your losses. It may be tempting to take that money, especially if your medical bills continue piling up. But do not rush to accept a low offer.

A pre-settlement loan from Cronus Capital Group is a convenient way to get the cash you need to tide you over. We invest in a wide range of personal injury cases, helping plaintiffs to maintain a decent standard of living while waiting for their cases to settle.

With a cash advance from Cronus, you can give your lawyer time to collect compelling evidence, negotiate with the insurance company or fight for you in court, to get you the largest settlement possible. Use the money to pay bills, cover medical expenses and provide for your family.

Cronus Capital Group also provides post-settlement funding – legal funding for plaintiffs who have already won their cases and are waiting for the settlement to be paid. This service comes in handy if the total amount is split into monthly installments, and you need money right away.
You have suffered enough from the reckless behavior of others. Cronus Capital Group can help to prevent unnecessary financial suffering. Contact us via our short online application, or call any of our convenient NYC locations. Our friendly staff will work with you to find a solution to your financial needs.


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