Nightclubs and bars provide convenient local venues for patrons to unwind, socialize and find entertainment. Nobody expects a fun night out on the town to end with serious injuries. But crowded bars that serve alcoholic beverages can put you at risk with slippery spills, intoxicated customers and other hazards that are unique to the bar and nightclub industry.

If you have been injured in a bar or nightclub and have filed a lawsuit, you may be eligible for legal funding, to tide you over while you wait for your case to settle. If you case has already been settled but your award is tied up in bureaucracy, post settlement funding is also an option.

Common Bar and Nightclub Injuries


Accidents can and do happen in all types of business, but the presence of alcohol and inebriated patrons dramatically increases your risk of a bar or nightclub injury. Bar owners are responsible for the safety of their customers, and they may be liable for negligence if they fail to provide reasonable protection.

Common types of bar and nightclub injuries include:

  • Slip and fall accidents: Spilled drinks are common in crowded bars, causing slippery floors that can easily cause a patron to slip and fall. Uneven flooring, icy walkways and spilled food can also cause a fall. Injuries to the neck, wrists and shoulders are common outcomes of slip and fall accidents. It is up to the bar owner and employees to maintain the property and clean up spills as soon as they occur.
  • Food poisoning: Even if the bar’s kitchen meets health code standards, food poisoning can occur. Improper storage and handling, raw foods like oysters, or hors d’oeuvres left sitting out for too long can all cause food to become tainted with harmful bacteria.
  • Cuts and puncture wounds: Broken glasses and plates, damaged furniture and exposed screws and nails can cause serious cuts and wounds. The bar is obligated to maintain its premises, to ensure the safety of customers.
  • Injuries from bar fights: Intoxicated bar customers have impaired reasoning, and inflated egos often lead to altercations that affect more than just the parties directly involved. Bar owners and employees are responsible for identifying inebriated customers and cutting them off when they become too drunk. They are also required to provide adequate security, to quickly stop altercations before they escalate into full-blown fights.

Negligence on the part of bar owners or their employees means they either failed to act in a reasonable way to protect patrons, or they acted in ways that put patrons at risk. Failure to maintain the premises, inadequate lighting, crowding beyond capacity, blocked or locked exits, and continuing to serve alcohol to inebriated patrons are all acts of negligence for which the bar is liable.

Steps to Take After a Bar or Nightclub Injury

The first thing you should do when injured in a bar or nightclub is seek medical attention. Be sure to gather as much documentation as possible concerning your injuries, including pictures, emergency transport documents, medical records and receipts, pharmacy prescriptions and receipts, and any other physical evidence available. When possible, you should get eyewitness statements from other patrons who witnessed the accident or incident.

If you decide to bring charges against the establishment where you were injured, it is important to find an attorney who has experience with negligence cases. Bars and nightclubs are required to carry insurance, so your fight will most likely be with a large insurance company, not with the bar owner.

A qualified injury attorney knows how to deal with insurance companies, and will fight to get you the largest settlement possible. Many negligence attorneys do not charge upfront fees, and wait to get paid from your final settlement amount.

Medical Loans for Bar and Nightclub Injuries


Even if you have medical insurance, most policies often fail to cover all the fees charged by healthcare facilities. Moreover, your injuries may force you to take time off from work, or even cause you to lose your job. Your lawyer may be optimistic about procuring a large settlement, but ironing out the details can take months or even years. Meanwhile, you need money now to pay your bills and care for your family while you recover from your injuries and get back on your feet.

Cronus Capital Group offers lawsuit cash advance loans against your pending settlement. Use the money to pay medical bills, meet monthly expenses or bridge the financial gap caused by lost wages. The application process is fast and easy. Simply provide the name of your legal representative, and we will work with them to negotiate the details.

Cash advance funds are often available within 24 hours of applying. No need to max out your credit cards or take out a bank loan. A settlement cash advance requires no collateral or down payment, and there are no monthly payments to add to your already strained financial circumstances. And if you lose your case, you walk away owing us nothing.

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