Personal injury lawsuits may be filed in a variety of situations, ranging from a slight medical mishap to a serious accident resulting in severe injuries or even death. The settlement amount depends on the specifics of your case. No matter how much you hope to receive a large settlement, not every case will win you a million dollars.

However, there are still several things you can do to maximize your settlement amount, so don’t leave it all to chance. Keep in mind that insurance companies will use a variety of tricks to save them money, so it is up to you to act decisively.

The recommendations below can help you get the settlement you deserve, and compensate for the pain you have suffered.

1. Collect documentation

No matter what happened to you, whether it was an unsuccessful surgery or an auto accident that caused disability, judges will not automatically take you at your word. You may be absolutely right, but the courts will still require solid undeniable proof. Gather all the available documentation you can find and organize it in a way that is easy to read and understand, to increase your chances of receiving a satisfactory settlement.

2. Analyze your losses

Judges often determine the sum of compensation based on the victim’s financial struggles. If your personal injury resulted in lost income or disabled you so you cannot work to make a living and pay medical bills, this information should be emphasized in the courtroom.

Some cases can take more than a year to resolve, especially if the victim’s health is seriously damaged. You should take into account both current and future expenses, and provide proof that you have insufficient means to pay for treatment, housing, childcare, groceries and other expenses.

Compile a list of all your injury-related expenses up to the moment of absolute recovery. If you received a pre-settlement loan, a percentage of that should also be included in the list.

3. Measure changes from a financial perspective

Personal injury victims often require ongoing physical therapy, need to modify their homes for wheelchair access, and need to learn to function safely with their disabilities. In many cases, the victim’s life is permanently changed for the worse. An adequate settlement helps victims cope with their ongoing financial burdens.

Do a thorough assessment of all the current and future changes that will impact your quality of life, determine how much they will cost, and include that information in your court documents.

4. Hire the best specialists

Do not risk your settlement by trying to resolve your case single-handedly, or by hiring an unqualified representative. Insurance giants hire the best attorneys who are able to persuade judges and minimize compensation, even if the victim deserves more. To protect yourself, enlist the support of a proficient lawyer who is ready to fight tirelessly for your rights in a courtroom. Look for an attorney who has won a case for a relative, friend, or colleague. If no one can give you a recommendation, search online and look for the most reputable legal firm that specializes in cases like yours.

Also, find the best health care providers for continued treatment. Contact experienced specialists who can put you back on your feet in the shortest time possible. If you are not receiving good medical care, a judge may decide that your injury is not very serious, and your compensation could be rather modest.

5. Bring your case to a conclusion

Many people start court proceedings with a passion to right a wrong. But over time, they find more important things to do, miss court dates and meetings with doctors, and make little effort to win their cases. As a result, insurance companies take advantage of the situation and destroy the victim’s chances for a fair settlement.

Stick to the recommendations of your lawyers and doctors, and do everything possible to get a positive outcome. If your doctor prescribes three months of physical therapy and you feel better after one month, do not stop treatment or miss appointments. Remember that you are not a doctor and cannot decide whether you need further care or not. It is better to listen to a specialist’s advice.

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